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Reporting: Day-Turn

Meadowbrook Golf Course in Gainesville, Florida, closed and lost business because of flooding.

Alachua County was not affected by the heavy rains but other areas in Florida were not so lucky.

Police cleared Mebane Middle School after a student reported a bomb threat written on the bathroom wall.

Knox is opening its first medical cannabis dispensary in Gainesville.

Growing Education Training special education students help Duval Elementary students grow cafeteria food in their school garden.

Advocates are hoping Gainesville can be Florida’s first officially sanctioned Welcoming City.

Reporting: Investigative

170 Pools have been ordered shut in Gainesville this year. Some of those pools had violations that could make you sick.

These restaurants in Gainesville were ordered shut after health inspections that revealed what was going on behind the kitchen doors.

Reporting: Feature

There is no cure for Mia’s disease, but she is undergoing experimental treatments… and they’re working.

Arthur makes history as the first student in the GET program to be recommended for a job as a school cafeteria worker. 

Anchoring: News in 90

Donald Trump says figures about Obamacare are “phony.” That and more in 90 seconds.

A Kentucky jury has awarded 5.3 million dollars to African-American workers who filed a lawsuit saying they were racially discriminated against. That and more in 90 seconds.